[KOELCIA] Hyaluronic Toner - 250ml

[KOELCIA] Hyaluronic Toner - 250ml

[KOELCIA] Hyaluronic Toner - 250ml

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[KOELCIA] Hyaluronic Toner - 250ml

Hyaluronic Toner

'Product Description

A selection of mild toners containing 7 herbal ingredients from Jeju. The abundant amount of echo friendly
natural extracts allows non-irritant skincare even for sensitive skin. The toners improve hydration, firmness,
wrinkles, and skin health as well, with chondroitin, which is an in-vivo cell activating ingredient with excellent
antioxidant effect, extracted from snail.

Intensive moisturizing low-irritant toner containing hyaluronic acid to help moisture supply and sebum
care, making the skin moist and smooth.
Moisturizing / Skin Protection / Cell Activating / Vitalizing

'How to use

Sweep a cotton pad soaked in toner over the skin, or spread a suitable amount on entire face and gently
pat with hands for better absorption.

'Capacity - 250ml

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