LANEIGE Two Tone Shadow Bar

LANEIGE Two Tone Shadow Bar

LANEIGE Two Tone Shadow Bar

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LANEIGE Two Tone Shadow Bar

LANEIGE Two Tone Shadow Bar


Manufacturing Company : LANEIGE


Place of origin : South Korea


Volume : 2g


Product Fetures


 : A single touch of two tone shadow bar completes professional gradation.


 : A new concept two color stick eye shadow that completes a professional gradation with a single paint.


 : Perfect combination of natural point color and shimmering lighting pearl base that glows the eyes gorgeously,

 : It makes a more attractive eye makeup.


 : An optimal color combination that incorporates the artist's color blending know-how, from daily make up to smokey

 : You can express a wide range of eye makeup.


 : Aloe vera powder formulation, finish to the eyes full of shiny glossy feel.








▶ How to use


   1) Direct point color to eye lashes.

  •    2) Apply as if pushing from outer corner of eyes to inner corner.
  •    3) Apply Two Tone Shadow Bar 2-3 times to inner corner and spread with finger to complete natural gradation.
  •    4) Apply base color till the 2/3 point from inner corner. Connecting 1/3 point
  •        from outer corner of under eyes and to the eye tail will make deep eye makeup.
  • ※ Lick down the button and the stick of lipstick will go up.





※ Please be sure to open the lid and lower the button.

※ Because shadow is delicate and easy to break, please be sure to raise little by little and use it.





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