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[KERASYS_SP] Damage Clinic Rinse Tester - 180ml

Damage Clinic Rinse Tester'Product DescriptionA professional hair care product that delivers intensive care, gloss, and nutrition to damaged hair.'How to useAfter shampoo, take an appropriate amount, massage 3-5 minutes your scalp and hair and rinse ..


[KERASYS_SP] Damage Clinic Shampoo Tester - 180ml

Damage Clinic Shampoo Tester'Product DescriptionIdeal for dry and damaged hair. It restores life of the hair which are frequently exposed to harmful UV rats and chemical treatment. 'How to usePour adequate amount to your palm and apply it to your hai..


[ETUDE HOUSE_SP] Two Tone Treatment Gift Set - 1Pack (3items)

Two Tone Treatment Gift Set'Product DescriptionTwo-toned hair for vivid, mystical color in 10 minutes.'How to use1. After shampooing hair, towel-dry hair without us ing rinse or hair treatment.2. Wear disposable plastic gloves and evenly apply color ..


[RYO_SP] Jayangyunmo Hair Loss Care Shampoo Sample - 180ml

Jayangyunmo Hair Loss Care Shampoo Sample'Product DescriptionRyo Hair Loss Care Shampoo (For Normal & Dry Scalp)4th generation Jayangyunmo shampoo advanced with GinsenEXTM, hair loss treatment technology derived from ginseng.'How to useTake an adequa..


[RYO_SP] Hambit Damage Care Shampoo Tester - 180ml

Hambit Damage Care Shampoo Tester'Product DescriptionIf you're chemically treating and heat-styling your hair all day, every day, Ryo's Hambit Damage Care system is for you. Quench your thirsty hair with a luxurious herbal blend that nourishes and he..


[PYUNKANG YUL_SP] Shampoo (Mini) - 30ml

Shampoo (Mini)'Product DescriptionPyunkang Yul Shampoo contains Saposhnikovia Divaricata Root Extract that brings deep cleansing effect to scalp and hair. Infused with 18 kinds of main ingredients verified by US Environmental Working Group (EWG), whi..


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